Touchy Topic Tuesday

O The Places You’ll Go (as NOT told by Dr. Seuss)

by Cathy Pankiewicz – originally published in New Wine Press

A few years ago Facebook led me to a lovely post from a woman who wrote about the travels she had anticipated upon the birth of her first child and the one she actually took. Her child was born with Down Syndrome, and the figurative trip to Paris she imagined quickly became one just as lovely, but entirely different. She had fancied a voyage she and baby would take together. It would be one with a mix of blue skies and choppy waters for sure,

Is St. Louis safe?


By Sister Regina Siegfried, ASC

St. Louis, home of the iconic Gateway Arch and world-famous St. Louis Cardinals, often ranks as one of the most dangerous U.S. cities on ubiquitous lists that try to make sense of violent crime per capita. The lists have their critics, who argue that the process is flawed and would reach a more accurate – and safe – conclusion if list-makers surveyed the entire metropolitan area.

I live in St. Louis and do care about safety, but I am not afraid and don’t feel surrounded by violence.

Lights During Daytime

By Sr. Regina Siegfried, ASC

from freeimages.comA couple of years ago, I started to document “Life in Ordinary Time” through photos that capture the everyday images – throughout the seasons — of my yard, garden and surrounding Shaw neighborhood, as well as nearby Tower Grove Park.

I sat on my front steps one sunny, dusty Fall afternoon waiting for my neighbor, Paul, to deliver free, energy-efficient porch light bulbs that were donated by our electric company.

While I waited, I watched Danny and Bryan, two good neighbors, blow leaves from the sidewalks into the street.