The Gift of Another Year

By Sister Barbara Hudock, ASC

“God loves us and is determined to prove it.”

I love this quote. It comes from Elizabeth Johnson’s book, “Quest For the Living God.” I offer it as a gift for this new year.

Yes, we have the gift of another year. What will we do with it?

As we step into the new year, we can first take time to realize that the gifts of time and a God who deeply loves us are ours. Yet, they can so easily be taken for granted.

A Little Good Friday on Christmas Eve

By Sister Regina Siegfried, ASC

The scene at midnight Mass at St. Vincent de Paul was exquisite: The venerable, old church in St. Louis, my parish, was dressed up in red poinsettias, white lights, candles, and crib, and the choir was enchanting and soulful. In the pews near the back, however, scenes from Good Friday unfolded.

An intoxicated, incoherent and injured woman, in need of a shower and clean clothes, had encountered four Catholic Sisters in the church parking lot as they arrived at the church for caroling. She was screaming and pleading, ‘Help me!

A New Year Ushers a Letting Go

By Sister Janis Yaekel, ASC

I am Sister Janis Yaekel, ASC and I have pancreatic cancer. In fact, I have lived with cancer since 2012. I hope to share in my blog my journey and my reflections on the presence of God in my life. It is my hope that those who read my entries will find strength for their own journeys.

Today, as I sit by the computer, I find myself looking outside at a very cold winter landscape. The birds are eating and eating at the feeders. It is a hard time for the creatures of nature right now as they struggle to survive.

Living by Signs

L to R: Therese Wetta, Renee Kirmer, and JoAnn Mark, Circa 1980s

By Sister JoAnn Mark, ASC

Three years ago at this time, I made a decision to leave my life in Wichita for a challenge in New York where I knew no one. I had been on the board of a struggling nonprofit that was about to collapse unless someone did the hard work of pumping it with new life.

On Easter Sunday, April 5, 2015, I packed up the car and left all that was familiar —

Following the Spirit’s Lead

By Sister Frances Pytlik, ASC

Advent allows us to connect with our hopes and desires, our longing and yearning for God. But with Advent coming only once every 12 months, I try to be alert to that process year-round.

As I look back over the last years, I am aware of the Spirit’s nagging, prodding and pushing, and my slow and deliberate response to these proddings.

As I responded to calls for ministries and moved from one mission place to another, the decisions and the timing seemed appropriate.

At the beginning of my ninth year in western Kansas,