Former Teacher, Musician Dies at 101

GunzelmanV (1)Sister Verena Gunzelman, ASC died Thursday, March 30, 2017 at the Wichita Center. She was 101 years old and had lived 83 years as an Adorer of the Blood of Christ. She was born and baptized in Aleppo, Kan. Her parents Peter and Mary (Betzen) Gunzelman later moved the family to Garden Plain, Kan.

Verena’s love for music was encouraged by her father who bought her a piano and arranged for lessons when she was only in fifth grade.

She entered the ASC community in 1931, at the age of 16,

Former Longtime Teacher Dies

schmidteaSister Elizabeth Ann Schmidt, ASC, died Tuesday, Nov. 22, 2016 at the Wichita Center. She was 85 and had lived 69 years as an Adorer of the Blood of Christ.

She was born Feb. 19, 1931, the fifth of 10 children of Marcus and Mary (Suppes) Schmidt, and grew up on the family farm outside of Spearville, Kan.

Influenced by her teachers, the Adorers, at St. John the Baptist elementary school, she entered the ASC community in 1945, at age 14. She pronounced first vows July 1, 1947.

A last-minute assignment to substitute teach for an ailing sister caused her to put her own high school education on hold.

Long-time Teacher-Adorer Dies

KernWSister Wilfreda Kern, an Adorer of the Blood of Christ, died May 12, 2016 at the Ruma Center in Ruma, Ill. She was 95 and had been an Adorer for 77 years.

She was born April 26, 1921, in Red Bud Ill., the oldest of Christian and Ellen (Kelley) Kern’s eight children. She made her first vows on July 1, 1938 and final vows on July 1, 1943.

Sister Wilfreda, baptized Rosalie, received a bachelor’s degree in 1961 and a master’s degree in 1967, both in education from Saint Louis University. She was certified to teach in Illinois,

Sister, Nurse, Educator and Author Dies

BahrRTSister Rose Therese Bahr, an Adorer of the Blood of Christ for 65 years, died Thursday, Feb. 18, 2016. She was 85.

She was born March 1, 1930 in Great Bend, Kan., one of five children and the first daughter of Frank William and Mary Victoria (Schneider) Bahr. She was baptized Mildred, and attended St. Ann Elementary and High School in Olmitz.

Education was so important to the Bahrs that they rented a house across from school so their children, cousins and neighbors wouldn’t miss school in severe weather. Mildred’s mother took her turn staying in town to care for the children.

Teacher, Poet, Retreat Center Director Dies

RanardLASister Linda Anne Ranard, ASC, a professed Adorer of the Blood of Christ for 39 years, died Dec. 23, 2015, at the Ruma Center in Ruma, Ill. She was 66 years old.

Born Linda Mae on May 28, 1949, in Fairfield, Iowa, the second child of Gayle and Lelia (Ensminger) Ranard, she was drawn to the religious life while working with sisters in Kentucky. Several years later she converted to Catholicism.

She graduated from Roosevelt High School in Fairfield and attended Iowa State University in Ames for almost 2 years. She moved to Pennsylvania where she met the Adorers.