The Spirit Stirs Within

By Sister Annette Embrich, ASC

On Saturday, Sister Annette Embrich celebrated 50 years as a vowed member of the Adorers of the Blood of Christ. The occasion prompted her to reflect on how it all began, with a nudge from the Holy Spirit, she writes. Since Christians on Sunday celebrated Pentecost, the 50th day after Easter, when the Holy Spirit is said to have descended upon and inspired Jesus’ followers, her writings come at a good time.

Sister Annette spent much of her ministry in education, including with Spanish-speaking adults and children.

Q & A with Sister Frances

Have you ever noticed that Sisters tend not to retire? They avoid the “R” word, opting instead to branch out into another ministry.

Sister Frances Pytlik, one of this year’s Jubilarians, is a case in point. A 46-year veteran of the classroom, she has just completed her 32nd year of full-time teaching at St. Mary’s School in David City, Neb.

In the Fall, she will transition to two part-time jobs: reading teacher at St. Mary’s and visitor with residents of St. Joseph’s Villa and Court, both in David City.

We recently sat down with Sister Frances to learn more about her.

Q&A with Ann Fearday

Sister Ann “Anitawa” Fearday, ASC is celebrating big mile-markers this year: her 70th birthday in June and her 50th Jubilee as an Adorer of the Blood of Christ in July.

She has spent more than half of her life as a missionary in Bolivia, Guatemala and Puerto Rico – in roles as varied as accompanying threatened indigenous people and bringing pastoral services via boat to people along the Amazon.

We visited with her recently to learn more about her fascinating life and ministry.

Fearday (1)What influenced your decision to become a vowed member of a religious community,

50 Years as a Catholic Sister! How Did I Get Here?


ClarkMCBy Sister Mary Catherine Clark, ASC

I will be celebrating 50 years of vowed religious life this summer with other Adorers of the Blood of Christ.

While looking back over those years, I recall so many men and women who have enriched my life. Bringing them by name to prayer makes a delightful litany of gratitude. Yet in the process, I noticed that I really should go back more than 50 years, in fact, all the way back to Adam and Eve. What awakened me to this?

Genealogy is a hobby of mine that recently allowed me to join the Daughters of the American Revolution because my great,

Jubilee: Three at 60

Three Mark 60 Years with Adorers of the Blood of Christ



ASC Sisters Maureen Farrar, Marita Rother and Catherine Shippen celebrated 60 years of vowed life with the Adorers of the Blood of Christ on May 3, 2015, at the Wichita (Kan.) Center.

They marked the anniversary with a Mass and dinner and were joined in the celebration by sisters, family and friends. Father Tom Welk presided at the liturgy.

The women made first vows July 1, 1955 and final vows exactly five years later.

Sister Maureen,