Adorers on New U.S. Policy on Family Separation

We, the Adorers of the Blood of Christ, U.S. Region, have been appalled, dismayed and disheartened by our government’s new policy of separating undocumented adults and their children at our southwestern border.

The images and audio are alarming: a nursing child taken from its motherchildren at set-up shelters and tent cities wailing for their parents and unable to be comforted, a toddler calling for his “papa.” Pediatricians and child psychologists cite research that shows that a parent alone is the stability, that even under the discomfort of confinement, can stave off the stress hormones that would damage a child’s developing brain.

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Immigration: A Festival of Nations

image from freeimages.comby Sr. Regina Siegfried, ASC

Tower Grove Park, a city gem of a Victorian walking park, hosts the International Institute’s Festival of Nations every year at the end of August.  The park’s gracefully curving roads are crowded tent-to-tent with food and craft booths from more nations than you can count.  Open grassy areas sprout stages for ethnic dances, drums, and storytelling.  Thousands of people visit to sample excellent food, beautiful arts, and lively music.  Cars constantly troll the neighborhood streets surrounding the park looking for that elusive parking spot while residents’ autos hunker down in that cherished location,