Seeds Far and Near  

By Sister Regina Siegfried, ASC

My upstairs neighbor, a horticulturist at Missouri Botanical Garden, recently returned from a research trip to Kyrgyzstan where his team helped local scientists collect fruit and nut tree seeds for national seed banks including one in Kyrgyzstan.

He said some of the trees are among some of the oldest on the planet. Kyrgyzstan, located on part of the iconic Silk Road, is bordered by China to the east and Uzbekistan to the west, a location I can barely imagine.  How exotic the trip, the research, the land, the terrain,

Seeds of Our Lives Collected and Sown

By Sister Regina Siegfried, ASC

Perhaps it’s my Shaw neighborhood’s proximity to the Missouri Botanical Garden, or maybe it’s Tower Grove Park’s historic greenness, or the neighborhood streets lined with tall, stately trees. Whatever the reason, Shaw teems with gardeners.

cosmos-flower-1336714A few weeks ago, a small pocket garden right around the corner from our house hosted an annual plant swap. I had a rich harvest of orange cosmos seeds from last year, so I packaged them and walked them over to the garden full of Shaw residents, swapping, exchanging, and trading plants.