Palm Sunday Service to Mark Adorers’ Struggle to Protect Land

The Adorers of the Blood of Christ, U.S. Region, who are embroiled in a federal lawsuit over the exercise of their right to religious freedom, will hold a Palm Sunday prayer service at 2 p.m. Sunday, March 25 at their cornfield chapel in Columbia, Pennsylvania.

The Adorers, who live by a multi-principled Land Ethic, which they adopted in 2005, invite others to join them as they publicly witness to the sacredness of the land.

The Palm Sunday commemoration will be held at the cornfield chapel that was erected last summer and represents a symbolic and sacred space in the Adorers’ struggle to protect their religious freedoms.

Our Easter Preparation Doesn’t End with Easter

By Sister Regina Siegfried, ASC

On Holy Thursday morning, I had staked out a spot in the hinterlands of my parish’s parking lot so that I could burn a concoction of cotton balls soaked with the holy oils of the past year.

As the can heated up and the fire licked at the stick I used to poke the cotton balls, one of our parish’s homeless guests heading for the lunch window asked me, “Do the church know what you’re doin’”?

What I was doing wasn’t really all that important. As I tended the fire,

Easter’s Paschal Cycle

By Sister Barbara Hudock, ASC

With Holy Week behind us, and in the first days of Spring, we now move into the celebration of the Easter season, the 50 days from Easter Sunday to Pentecost Sunday. We can separate these days into the various religious celebrations, or we can take time to reflect on this season as a whole.

Ronald Rolheiser’s book, “The Holy Longing,” reminds me that we can look at the Paschal Mystery as a cycle of rebirth.

He writes that the paschal cycle might be experienced as follows:

  • Good Friday,

Easter Evening Peace and Monday Chemo

By Sister Janis Yaekel, ASC

The Easter Vigil celebration and Easter morning liturgy are over.  We have listened to the gospel readings that proclaimed the Resurrection story and have sung our Alleluias. We have celebrated with family and friends over fine food and drink, perhaps eating one too many chocolate eggs or Easter cookies. But Easter is a day for lavish living, when all things are brand new.

Today, I will resume chemotherapy after a long stretch without it, but I live in Easter joy. My Redeemer’s life is the cause of my peace.

Triduum Liturgies Highlight Community Worship

By Sister Regina Siegfried, ASC

Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday, those high holy days of the Catholic Church, are fast approaching. Depending on the congregation and liturgy, they can be either drab and boring or vibrant with life and drama and able to rivet the worshippers caught up in the beauty of the rituals. The Catholic Church is one of rituals and ceremonies that we often take for granted and can snooze through. But the rites of Holy Week break the pattern and can jolt us into an awareness of the Divine always present in our midst.

Baltimore, Nepal, and Standing Witness

by Sr. Sara Dwyer, ASC

This has been a week of human violence and extreme natural disasters, not only in Baltimore and Nepal, but in so many cities and countries. During this Easter season, as believers in the Risen One, we are called to pray and witness to New Life. Hope is the defining virtue, that during these painful and dark situations, gives us hearts, hands and minds to believe in new life, a better day.

Baltimore, from freeimages.com

Though we are not “in” those areas, we are feeling their suffering. Let us,

Easter: The Season for Hope, The Season for Justice

by Sr. Sara Dwyer, ASC

Celebrating Easter, with the lilies and the tulips, and singing Alleluia is easy.  Even joyfully energizing!  But, then comes the 50 days season of Easter.  What, you say?   Yes, the season of Lent is 40 days; the Easter season is 50!  For many of us, ‘celebrating joyfully’ for 50 gets as challenging as ‘sacrificing sincerely’ for 40! The sorrows, struggles, injustices and the crosses we bear seem easier to identify with than believing in “something” (justice and truth) and someone (Jesus Christ, Risen) we can’t see.



Listening for God’s Call

By Sr. Barbara Hudock, ASC

Just before Holy Week, we celebrated the feast of the Annunciation. LCWR Region X met during that time in Dubuque, Iowa, and it was a time of deep listening. Mary Ann Zollman, BVM led us in a reflection on consecrated life and compared it to Mary’s obedient spirit.

What struck me was the meaning of the Latin “obedire.” The literal meaning of “obedience” is to listen. And I heard again the call for us to listen deeply.

We hear God speaking to us in times of quiet,