By Sister Regina Siegfried, ASC

Since the Pokémon craze of a couple of summers ago has evaporated, the latest fad in St. Louis is the appearance of solid, sturdy, bright lime-colored bicycles.

LimeBike is a trademarked bike-sharing company that supplies dockless bicycle-sharing systems in St. Louis and other cities. Customers use a mobile app to reserve a bike.

A few weeks after its launch date in the city, LimeBikes are everywhere. Tower Grove Park in my neighborhood is a temporary parking spot for many bikes that dot the entrances, walkways, and grassy areas.

The bright green bikes feature a front basket, a solar panel and a smart lock. A mobile app scans a code to unlock a bike for a ride that costs $1 for 30 minutes of use. The rider simply finds a bike, rents it, and leaves it at a convenient spot such as a street corner, sidewalk, or curb for the next rider to rent.

The bikes are bright spots in the city. It’s fun to see them in unexpected places and watch people riding them. Appearing in groups of three to four, or just one, they’re surprises in spring.

In my neighborhood, a tiny green replica of the LimeBike is parked in front of a tiny door to a child’s fairy house.

Like flowers that bloom and fade, the bikes come and go, leaving smiles in their wake. They’re like joy and grace, popping up in unexpected places.

It’s our pleasure to discover them and wonder when we’ll next be surprised by grace and Spirit and an abundance of life.