By Sister Barbara Hudock, ASC

Summer is a reminder of how creation applies to our lives.

Like other gardeners, I plant seeds and wait, fairly sure that something will grow, but not certain how it will work out.

Sometimes, as a seedling sprouts, I realize that the marigolds I expected turn out to be tomatoes. The milkweed seeds that I really wanted to grow, that I planted in a particular pot and took great care of died out, while the one seed that planted itself in with the basil is growing just fine on its own.

While waiting for plants to grow, I remember that growth takes time and I cannot speed up the process. I can check plants every day, make sure they have adequate water and sun. But I have to wait. And in that nervous waiting, I develop a little more patience.  I remember that I am not always in control.

I plant seeds in my garden and in my pots. I collect seeds and grow plants that I pass on to others.

I also plant seeds of hope.

  • I try to be hopeful in negative situations
  • I try to sit and wait while I hold the hurts and sufferings of people I love and the hurts and sufferings of our world
  • I sit with people whose lives are in the darkness of the ground, whose seed is just being cracked open and no one knows if new life will come forth or what it might be.

We are caretakers of our Earth and of each other.

Every day, we have the opportunity to sow the seeds of God’s love.

Life continues on each day. With a night of rest, we are renewed, and each day we are given the chance to begin again and to sow a few more seeds.

Photo by Benjamin Combs on Unsplash