Commit to digging deeper.

Sojourners are a small group of individuals who desire to live the spirituality of the Adorers in their daily lives.

Each Sojourner commits to living simply, loving unconditionally, and creating a sense of community by staying connected to their fellow Sojourners.

This is a perfect opportunity for women who feel particularly drawn to the charism of the Adorers, but for whom becoming a vowed member is not desired or possible.

Who are we?

Sojourners are non‐canonical members of the Adorers, dedicated to the ASC mission and Precious Blood Spirituality spirituality. They make promises that mirror the vows made by sisters and live lives that radiate their intimate connection to the community and St. Maria De Mattias.

ASC Associates have hundreds of members and meet in local groups. Sojourners are a small but mighty regional group, open to growing and receiving new members who feel inspired to join others in deepening their faith and making the world more beautiful.

What do we do?

Sojourners commit to a shared lifestyle:

  • daily personal prayer
  • living out promises of simplicity, unconditional love, and communal connection
  • monthly meetings (via Skype)
  • supporting the larger ASC Community through regular involvement in larger Adorer events
  • participation (whenever possible) in liturgies, morning and evening prayers, and retreats
  • meeting regularly with an Adorer assigned as a spiritual mentor
How can you join?

An inquirer interested in becoming a Sojourner submits a Sojouner Application, along with a two-page autobiography and a letter of affirmation from someone who is familiar with the inquirer’s spiritual journey.

The application is reviewed by Sojourners and ASC Leadership. If accepted, the individual is assigned a Sister Mentor who will journey alongside the Sojourner candidate, taking six months to a year to explore topics related to spirituality, Gospel living, prayer, Scripture, and more before an initial one year commitment is made.

"As a child of God, called to lifelong Gospel holiness, in the presence of the Sojourners Community and the larger ASC Community, I promise to live, as fully as possible the Sojourners lifestyle as my primary spiritual commitment. As a sign of that commitment, I solemnly promise to live in the Simplicity that reflects the self-emptying love of Jesus, to be that Unconditional Love that extends to all of life, and to bind myself in Covenant with all the Sojourners to live this calling from God."

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