Sister Tarcisia Roths ASC is being honored with the 2016 Humanitarian Award created by Dr. Donna Sweet, an HIV-AIDS specialist. Sr. Tarcisia is being recognized for her teaching and outreach to the community of Wichita, Kan.

Dugan Library

By Sister Tarcisia Roths, ASC

RothsTReceiving the Humanitarian of the Year Award means much to me, as it recognizes those aspects of my life that have been such a part of my years of ministry as an Adorer.  We are called to empower others to live fulfilling lives, and education and service are the ways we do this best. So, how can it be that I should be honored for these things I so love:

  • Teaching and being a part of the Newman University community where there is a spirit of learning and where faculty, staff and students support and engage each other during their years at Newman and beyond.
  • History and the chance to help students understand how the past has influenced where we are now. It has been exciting to awaken in young people an understanding of the human family’s diversity and to help them grow into an awareness of our global reality.
  • The Wichita community, where I have known such warmth and generosity from so many who live and work here. Wichita, though a large metropolitan area, has the feel of a small community, where people know one another and join hands to improve the quality of life. I have traveled in circles of the finest citizens in our city, whose interest and dedication to improving life here is a constant call for my own commitment to serve others.

It has been a wonderful journey!  I am so grateful to be a member of the Adorers, who have given me an opportunity to live out our mission of service in such a warm and supportive environment.