In honor of National Catholic Sisters Week, we’ve asked several Adorers to reflect on how Catholic sisters influenced their lives.

StoverinkJ_webBy Sr. Joan Stoverink, ASC

From age 6 to the present I’ve been blessed with the influence of Catholic Sisters.

The Ursulines of Maple Mount, Kentucky and the Sisters of Loretto were my grade school teachers.  In Grade 3, I remember an experience of compassionate presence when loving arms embraced me during a frustrating lesson of learning to “borrow” in subtraction.  Patient explanations and a few more computations made the task understandable, with the help of Sr. Margaret Ann.

It wasn’t until after college that the ASCs entered my life.  Teaching in a small rural town in southeast Missouri introduced me to the Adorers.  Their dedication to education and ability to relate on many levels with parishioners impressed me, but perhaps it was their humanness and joy that helped grow my courage and take a step into religious life.  Who could have imagined that sisters on small mopeds buzzing around the neighborhood could help allay one’s fears of this consecrated lifeform and lead her to a lifetime of commitment with the Adorers?

It worked for me!!