By Sister Nylas Moser, ASC

Four years ago this month, my two sisters and I traveled to the Grand Canyon on a memorable “sisters only” vacation.

We used the time to recall the 10th anniversary of our mother’s passing, and to celebrate our still-good health and our turning or about to turn 60.

We were fortunate to be together again this past Labor Day weekend, again telling stories about Mom and Dad.

Having these two dear women in my life is grace. How?

Especially now with both Mom and Dad having passed to eternity, our bond is even stronger.

Now that we live hundreds of miles from each other, we value even more those precious times when we can be together.

We keep up with each other’s events, concerns, and joys of our lives and their families through weekly phone calls. (I think that Nancy and Susan call each other more frequently, and that’s good!)

While I am the oldest, each of us “three girls” has taken the lead in various situations. We just use our gifts and talents as needed!

My sisters and I are there for each other by heart. Our delights and sorrows are heard in that truly familiar space of care for one another.

As a native Kansan, I can attest that “there’s no place like home,” (Dorothy to Toto in The Wizard of Oz), because even when I’m not physically with my sisters, I know that they are with me and for me, as I am for them.