New York Twin Towers, pre 9/11, images from

September 11 always evokes powerful memories in the lives of those of us in the United States. Who can forget the images of buildings being destroyed out of hatred and vengeance? Who can forget the silent skies over us in the next days as planes were grounded and the country grappled with the horror of terrorism. But September 11 was also a day of great heroism, a day when so many people put aside their differences and rushed to help each other, often at great risk to themselves. There was an outpouring of care and compassion, not only in our country but from all corners of the world.

Ground Zero, image from

Perhaps this is a good day to recall a message from Pope Francis to the Knights of Columbus on August 5 in which he calls for prayers for “…the conversion of hearts, an end to fanatical violence and intolerance, and a general recognition of those fundamental human rights which are not granted by the state, but from the hand of the Creator, whom all believers invoke as a God of peace.”

– Adorers of the Blood of Christ Leadership Team