By Sister Barbara Hudock, ASC

On Sunday, I woke up remembering those gathered on the bridge in Cleveland to show the power of love – a force against any violence that may unfold during this week’s Republican National Convention.

And I was reminded of our desire to bring peace and compassion to the world.

This week, as we remember the violence and grief that have struck our world once again …

  • Fatal police shootings of black men in Minnesota and Louisiana
  • Fatal shootings of police officers in Dallas, Baton Rouge and suburban St. Louis
  • Horrors in Baghdad; Nice, France; Syria; Sudan and so many other places around the world
  • A coup attempt in Turkey

As we experience all this pain, as we listen to the discussions and encounters that will take place in Cleveland and across our country, we ask that God’s Spirit bring healing to those who are grieving, that God’s Spirit be part of the discussions and plans of world leaders.

We cannot be present in these places, but we can bring them daily before God and ask that God’s Spirit fill all of us and particularly those who are directly involved in these events.

Let us pray.