By Sister Regina Siegfried, ASC

The day after a ferocious storm slammed into St. Louis, I walked to nearby Tower Grove Park to see for myself the heartbreaking damage to trees.

Downed trees and branches, although common after severe storms, are always disturbing. Earth, trees, park workers, and walkers seemed to feel the pain over the loss of these old, stately giants.

Off in the distance, Pokemon Go players who had gathered around a hotspot at the park’s music stand seemed oblivious to a huge branch that had fallen close to them.

Fixated on phone screens, they ignored the devastation the park had suffered. The contrast impressed me.

Even though enthusiasts say the game gets people outside and working in groups together, these Pokemon Go players seemed blind to the bigger picture.

Though it will take years for the park to rebuild its great forests of trees, it is still stunning even amid the ruin of some trees.

Meanwhile, the Pokemon Go players stumbled around the branches whipped down by the storm, seemingly oblivious to the park’s beauty and devastation.

The game is the latest fad; the beauty of nature endures even after a fierce storm. The players are missing the real hot spots in the park.