By Sister Vicki Bergkamp, ASC

This weekend marked the feast of the Presentation and the World Day for Consecrated Life, a time to celebrate our vocations.

We are blessed to continue our celebration through today as we celebrate our founder Maria De Mattias’ birthday (February 4).  The gift of life to Maria was certainly a gift of life to each of us and the vocation we have received with her charism.

In her presidential address to the Leadership Conference of Women Religious last summer, Incarnate Word Sister Teresa Maya said:

“We will become lighter and itinerant, we will be fewer. However, we will be enough; we are enough; we will be what God needs today. We will bring with us our call to community and our stubborn conviction that Christ suffering in God’s people requires our response. We will serve in small, meaningful ways, hosting the human family one person at a time.”

 Sometimes we need to reflect on the service we seek to give. It always begins at home and the ripples of our service will spread far and wide even though we do not see it.

We “host the human family one person at a time” starting with those who are closest to us and then together we host another and another and another.

Our ability to serve is more about grace than ability, more about intention than results, and more about openness than purpose.

Everyone has a vocation, whether or not it is in religious life.

  • How are you serving in small meaningful ways?
  • And how have you been served by another?