By Sister Barbara Hudock, ASC

Do you find yourself feeling stressed lately by ordinary daily living, wondering if things will ever stop changing and just settle down?

Welcome to life in what often feels like a time of chaos. It is good for us as people of faith to remember that ultimately God is in charge.

Our faith means that we observe and live the events of each day trusting that God is working. We are at all times and in every situation called to look at our realities in the light of our faith.

That faith calls us to ask the question how is God present here, in this situation.

Dorothy Heiderscheit, OSF wrote this in “The Gift of Grieving,” from Occasional Papers Winter 2016:

“Indeed, the Holy Spirit is doing something here, calling us to take a leap of faith to do the challenging and painful inner work that comes with letting go, trusting that the outcome will be creative and timely and address the needs of our society.”

Chaos is difficult to navigate.

It feels like the ground is shifting beneath our feet and we lose our stability. This instability causes us to question.

However, that questioning opens an opportunity to search our hearts and understand where our faith lies. It is the dynamics of the Paschal Mystery repeating over and over again.

The instability around us calls us to question, be open and speak out. It pushes us to say what we stand for and with whom we stand.

When we operate from a faith perspective, connecting ourselves with God’s Spirit, our words and our actions proclaim that God is present and working to bring about that beautiful order.