By Sister Regina Siegfried, ASC

November, 30 days of dark skies, rapidly falling leaves, lengthening shadows and dwindling sunlight, is a month to put the garden to bed under a blanket of mulching leaves.

I’m really picky about the kind of leaves I pile on the flower beds. There’s a great maple tree down the alley, so I rake the leaves on a tarp and drag it to the yard to dump on the beds to cover the plants until the spring.

2015-11-09 13.13.47

Along with the funeral procession to the Dumpster for the elephant-ear leaves, heaping leaves on flower beds is another November gardening ritual for me.

November, 30 days of piling up hope and expectation, is a month for contemplating life hidden under leaves and soil. While the world of money and advertising bombards us with turkeys and the noise of a too-early Christmas hype, the planet in the northern hemisphere beckons us to quiet, calm, reflection and completion.

November blog

Earth in many zones of North America settles into rest after two seasons of growth and abundant production of fruits, flowers, and vegetables. We prepare for winter, cold, and Advent.  We wait in hope.

Advent finds gardens put to sleep under a blanket of leaves. The earth rests, waiting, expecting, nurturing life for another season.