By Sister Regina Siegfried, ASC

Night crawlers, those long, big worms, fascinate me.

You often see them on sidewalks and streets after a rain. Sometimes they’re dead, desiccated, and shriveled. That makes me sad. If I see that they’re still alive, I return them to the grass or dirt so that they can live.

Night crawlers are blind and deaf, so they navigate their earthy home by vibrations. Maybe that’s why a heavy rainstorm drives them above ground. Perhaps the pulsation from the rain causes them to flee the safety of underground existence to dry out on pavement.

Even though these worms come to the surface at night to feed, we need them to stay in their homes to aerate and enrich garden soil.

So, when I ponder these interesting creatures, I also consider how they seem sometimes to get lost and can’t return home to their underground habitat.

Home and safety are equally important for humans. Even though most of us can see and hear, dangerous vibrations also can confuse us and turn us away from shelter.

Every person has a right to decent housing, a safe environment, and good food. Refugees in our cities deserve better housing than that located in some of our most dangerous neighborhoods. If I can rescue a lost night crawler by putting it in the grass, what is my responsibility to the lost and confused humans I encounter?

  • What can I do to prevent harmful vibrations of self-interest, fake news, outright lies and misdirection from filtering through our society?
  • How can we be safe havens for each other?

What do you think?