By Sister Michelle Woodruff, ASC

This month, we remember those who have been or are kept against their will as part of National Human Trafficking awareness.

What is my response to human trafficking as an Adorer of the Blood of Christ? I think of how our community’s founder, St. Maria de Mattias, always spoke of the importance of loving “our dear neighbor.”

Everyone, of course, is our neighbor, if we believe what Jesus said. As an Adorer then, I must be aware of every person around me and the possibility that he or she might need help.

I take it upon myself to learn about human trafficking and to have my eyes and heart open to help, and to help others know about it too.

But that’s not enough. Society can perpetuate human trafficking by demanding the very goods that trafficked persons are expected to produce or provide: things like cheap goods, sex or pornography.

set the world free

My response to Human Trafficking month requires me to love “my dear neighbor” year-round, and to educate others about ethical purchasing and the risks pornography poses in our society.

Let’s also pray that trafficked persons will find strength, courage and help, and for buyers and sellers to have a change of heart.

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