ClarkMCBy Sister Mary Catherine Clark, ASC

I will be celebrating 50 years of vowed religious life this summer with other Adorers of the Blood of Christ.

While looking back over those years, I recall so many men and women who have enriched my life. Bringing them by name to prayer makes a delightful litany of gratitude. Yet in the process, I noticed that I really should go back more than 50 years, in fact, all the way back to Adam and Eve. What awakened me to this?

Genealogy is a hobby of mine that recently allowed me to join the Daughters of the American Revolution because my great, great, great, great grandfather Adam Clapp served in that war for freedom. So not only does my humanity go back to the Adam of Genesis, but my American identity can be traced to my familial ancestor, Adam.

Between those two Adams, lived Jesus Christ who is the “New Adam,” and the primary reason I am an Adorer. Just as I share humanity and family ties to Adam of Genesis and Adam Clapp, I share “Precious Blood ties” to Jesus Christ, the New Adam.

Ah, but I cannot muse about my Adam-connection without also awakening to my maternal family tree. Lo and behold, this time I find lots of Marys. Our Blessed Mother is known as the New Eve, and I have felt close to her my whole life, perhaps in part because I bear her name, as did my mother and my grandmother. Yes, I am a third-generation Mary. And St. Maria (Italian for Mary) De Mattias founded our community in Italy. She guides, comforts and inspires me as an Adorer-apostle.

While only a small segment of the people on whose shoulders I stand will be physically present in Ruma Convent Chapel at the jubilee Mass itself, I am so gratefully aware of the multitude of  “Adams and Eves” who have given me life and love over these many decades.

They will all be there in spirit.

Sister Mary Catherine Clark, ASC is celebrating her 50th Anniversary with the Adorers of the Blood of Christ.
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