Where we are is a good place to be, but it’s not (necessarily) a good place to stay.

In this weekends Gospel from Matthew, we read Peter’s earnest response to the mountain-top experience:  “Lord, let us build a tent, one for you, Moses and Elijah.”

The Transfiguration Gospel recalls for me this line from Sister Shirley Kolmer, former provincial of our former Ruma Province. 

At a community gathering, she said something like: “Sisters, where we are is a good place to be, but it’s not a good place to stay.”

Our personal and communal experiences of God serve as touchstones of faith, and their transformational influence is powered by our willingness to move forward in our journey. 

Jesus was the ultimate witness to this.

We as a community of Sisters were invited recently to consider one or two courageous choices for our life and mission.

  • Are you making courageous choices for your life and purpose?
  • Are you in a good place now?
  • Are you going to stay or seek other good places to stay for awhile?

Where you are may be a good place to be, but in light of this Feast of the Transfiguration, how will you move forward in your journey for life and mission?

By Sister Janet McCann, ASC