By Sr. Regina Siegfried, ASC

from freeimages.comA couple of years ago, I started to document “Life in Ordinary Time” through photos that capture the everyday images – throughout the seasons — of my yard, garden and surrounding Shaw neighborhood, as well as nearby Tower Grove Park.

I sat on my front steps one sunny, dusty Fall afternoon waiting for my neighbor, Paul, to deliver free, energy-efficient porch light bulbs that were donated by our electric company.

While I waited, I watched Danny and Bryan, two good neighbors, blow leaves from the sidewalks into the street. When I thanked Danny, he quietly remarked, “We’re all in this together.”

He helped me forget my peevish aggravation at the squirrels that had dug up some of the pansies I had planted the day before. After Paul, his wife Nadia, and their two dogs brought the light bulbs, I distributed them to neighbors who had asked for them.

Neighbors looking out for one another, lights during daytime, sunlight filtering through dust stirred by leaf blowers are common, yet metaphor-laden events.

Life in ordinary time is a light during daytime, an opportunity to savor the present, grace-filled moment, and to realize we can be as safe as a caring neighbor.

A person who really goes out of his way to make sure the entire neighborhood has access to free porch lights becomes a light for all of us who cherish life in ordinary time. Two guys blowing leaves into the street, hardly an unusual event, carry across a meaning of helping more than just themselves.

Look around your life in ordinary time for lights during the daytime.