By Sister Barbara Hudock, ASC

Recently, I met with two people who were trying to understand the way to forgiveness, healing and reconciliation.

One was searching for the meaning of forgiveness. The other was seeking healing and reconciliation.

These encounters made me wonder: As Adorers who are called to be a reconciling presence to the world, how do we bring forgiveness, healing and reconciliation into everyday life?

How do any of us?

  • Do we respond in words and conversations?
  • Outside of ourselves or in our hearts?
  • Does it involve letting go and being with?

I believe that for forgiveness to happen, we need to let go of anger, hurt feelings and opinions and decide to be with whomever or whatever caused the need for forgiveness.

This might involve suspending our thinking and allowing ourselves to be open to new possibilities. Quieting ourselves so that we can listen and embrace new attitudes is a difficult challenge. It is easier to stay busy and react to the world around us than it is to stop and listen, be aware and then respond.

We are comfortable with the attitudes we have cultivated in our lives. Why should we change?

If we can allow ourselves to be open to God’s Spirit, God will work in us, leading us to be part of the reconciliation our world needs.