By Sister Mary Catherine Clark, ASC

In 1953, 10-year-old child star, Gayla Peevey, popularized the Christmas novelty song, “I Want a Hippopotomus for Christmas,” which shot to No. 24 on Billboard magazine’s pop chart. Growing up, I loved that song.

I was recently introduced to Postmodern Jukebox and its version of this popular song. Instead of a child singing her desire, a now-grown woman sings this with deeper longing.

When the song was revived, I was taken by it immediately. While many Christmas songs have lyrics that are worth pondering for their deeper truth, I was surprised when this one became so for me.

How outrageous to want a hippo for Christmas! Beyond imagination for a little child growing up in East St. Louis, Illinois. But couldn’t Santa work his magic and provide all sorts of surprises on Christmas morn?

Yet, our Outrageously Loving God did indeed give the most wild and crazy gift to us!  His only Begotten Son, Emmanuel, among us, in the flesh is beyond all human desires or imagination.

What unfathomable surprise will God delight you with in the coming days?  Disguised as a hippo?

(My hippo collection is now part of my Christmas)