By Sister Regina Siegfried, ASC

By now, people have begun to take down the radiant and magical Christmas lights that illuminated our streets and souls in the last month. But lights still linger among us.

The first reading from the book of the prophet Isaiah sparkles with words that evoke light and point to God’s presence among us.

light-1558074-1280x960“The glory of the Lord shines upon you,” Isaiah tells the people.

In the familiar Gospel narrative from Matthew, the wise ones, traveling from the east, the land of the rising sun, follow the light of the star.

Although the story of the wise ones traditionally has explained the light of the Gospel, more recently, it has been explored for its meaning regarding immigrants.

People newly arrived in our country are lights for us, sharing the richness of their cultures and lives.  They give us new understanding of “gold, frankincense, and myrrh.”

Who are the wise ones among us? Who are lights in our darkness, and who comes bearing new gifts for us when we get tired, jaded and weary of the ordinary?

Lights glitter all around us in the form of people we meet every day.

On the upcoming Feast of Epiphany, (Sunday, Jan. 3) and every day, God is manifested in the light in the eyes of the people around us. Look for it.