By Sister Barbara Hudock, ASC

The theme from a recent meeting our congregation held in Acuto, Italy was, “At your Word … embrace transformation.”  In the language of our founder, Saint Maria de Mattias, who was from Acuto, we would say, “Abbraciamo la trasformazione,” or Embrace transformation.

Transformation is hard work. Margaret Wheatley, an American writer and management consultant, tells us: “transformation can lead us into dark nights.”

“In spiritual traditions, this descent into darkness is recognized as the journey into greater meaning. We first have to fall apart before we can figure out how to reorganize ourselves to fit the new environment. But then, with timing not of our choosing, we find we have come out of the dark, able to once again find meaning and purpose for our lives, … feeling stronger and more confident. Having passed through the refiner’s fire, we trust ourselves to deal with whatever life challenges.”

Peter Block in his book, “Community,” says, “What makes community building so complex is that it occurs in an infinite number of small steps, sometimes in quiet moments that we notice out of the corner of our eye. It calls for us to treat as important many things that we thought were incidental.”

As summer drifts on, may we notice the small steps and quiet moments, whether they are in darkness or the light of a bright summer day.

May we sit with and embrace the changes in our lives and allow them to transform us.