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by Sr. Sara Dwyer, ASC

On climate change, there is a clear, definitive and ineluctable ethical imperative to act.
– Pope Francis

Water and blood are basic symbols of our spirituality as Catholic Christians and Adorers. They are symbols reflective of a sacramental understanding of our journey on earth as disciples of the Risen Christ. Water and blood give and sustain life in each of us. Both ‘water and blood,’ wash us clean!

On this Earth Day, we listen, see and respond to the new life of spring, and Resurrection, stirring and bursting around and within us. How can we be in more harmony with creation? What choices can we make to show that we understand that our lives depend on water and blood?

Photo by Miranda Caulkins

I suggest two simple prayer gestures. First, become calm and still, listening/feeling your heart, pulsing in your body; perhaps, placing your hand over your heart or your wrist. Then, pray for people whose blood is being shed everyday because of their Christian beliefs. With each beat, silently pray, “thank you God for this, and their gift, of life.”

Second, take a small glass of water.  See the clear purity of its gift. Remember, water sustains a human body. With each sip, pray for people around the water who thirst for this gift of water and ask for the grace to be in solidarity with them through our advocacy and compassion.