By Sister Nylas Moser, ASC

This summer, I traveled to Italy for the chance to be with 43 “kids my own age” at a seminar for Adorers in mid-life.

1. 4 of us
Sister Nylas (bottom right corner) with ASC Sisters Angela, Sara, and Dani (clockwise).

Amidst the spectacular beauty of Lake Nemi, we played, prayed, danced, hiked and shared aspects of our life’s journey. The experience refreshed and re-energized my soul.

The theme of our time together was, “At the Well,” which refers to the encounter of Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well (John 4:4-41).

The time allowed me to reflect on questions stemming from a recent difficulty:

  • Has the well of my self-perception gone dry?
  • Have I been going to a “dry well?”
  • Is there a jar that I need to leave behind?
Has the well of my self-perception gone dry?

At my age, I consider myself a veteran of life experience.

After all, I’ve been in ministry for more than 40 years now!  At times, I have found myself in a good space, and other times in a painful space — emotionally, spiritually, and ministerially.

One inner or outer space affects another.

I’m learning that the truth of my own experience has something to teach me, whether it comes at a heavy price or as a surprise.
  • Do you have dry wells in your life?
  • What is the truth of your life experience teaching you?