By Sister Regina Siegfreid, ASC

My parish, St. Vincent De Paul in St. Louis, recently began offering Eucharistic adoration on Friday afternoons.

A city parish, St. Vincent sponsors a number of social ministries for our homeless and poor neighbors.
On a recent Friday afternoon, as I made my way from the parish hall and offices to the church, one of our homeless guests asked me for some clothing that he desperately needed for a new job he would begin on Monday. I asked him to stay for our evening meals program and I’d have his clothing.

Leaving the activity of the hall behind, I was enveloped by the quiet and peace of our 1844 church building with its Presence, history, and calm.

I prayed for the volunteers preparing the evening meal, unloading donated groceries, and working in the office. Our volunteers and staff operate out of a deep sense of Catholic social teaching, mercy, compassion, and generosity.

Our parish, society and Church need both the quiet of adoration and the activity of service, an awareness as old as the Gospel and Saints Ignatius of Loyola and Vincent De Paul.

The Divine Presence sustains, nourishes, and supports all we are and do. The prayerful activity in the kitchen and hall and the quiet of the people in church are both enveloped in God’s loving heart. The guest who needed clothing came to meals and gratefully showered me with many “God Bless You” blessings. The Divine Presence once again hovered over the people of God’s household, both those still praying in church and those bustling about serving meals.