Community Life

We live in community with one  another, sharing prayer time, meals and household duties as well as joys, sorrows and friendship.

In years past, sisters lived in designated houses called convents, which often were adjacent to Catholic schools or parishes. Today, our former convents and “motherhouses” serve as retirement centers for older sisters. Many of the rest of us share houses, duplexes or apartments in ordinary neighborhoods.

A Glimpse into Adorer #RealLife


The Fruits of Our Communal Labor

We’ve been very blessed this summer with lots of fresh produce from our garden as well as from many generous benefactors. This is the first summer when we have reaped bounteously the benefits from grape vines, blackberry bushes and apple trees planted with foresight in the garden a few years ago. While we have co-workers who tend the garden and bring in the produce, there’s lots of work entailed in bringing these gifts to the table. We would not be able to enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables if a team of sisters did not show up each morning to clean, peel and cut up whatever is needed for upcoming meals as well as prepared for freezing for enjoyment later. In addition, we have the benefit of S. Emma Goeckner who has turned peaches, grapes and blackberries into wonderful jellies and jams which we’ll be able to enjoy for months to come. Thanks to sisters who recently made trips to Wichita, we’ve been able to share tomatoes and grape and blackberry jelly with our sisters at the Wichita Center, too. Sometimes compassionate presence is as simple as scraping carrots and stirring jelly; so here at the Ruma Center we are grateful each day for the quiet and dependable presence of our “peelers.” (Sr. Barbara Jean Franklin’s reflection on a recent summer.)

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