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We find inspiration and God in our ministry, mission, and even the smallest moments in our day. Here we share our stories, prayers, and reflections on everything happening in our lives.

Grief and Loss

A year and a half ago, another sister and I developed a ministry program for the sisters at our Ruma convent that focused on our common experiences of loss and grief. Every five or six weeks, a small group of sisters comes together to share feelings and insights on a topic related to personal or communal loss, for example, at the death of a member of the Ruma local community.

A Heart Diet

June is the month dedicated to the Heart of Jesus. Perhaps it is a good time to look at our own heart, for, as sacred Scripture says, “what comes out of the mouth proceeds from the heart.” It seems all of our activity comes from our heart, the seat of intellect, will and desire.

River of Life

On a Zoom call recently, someone presented an image that moved me to contemplation. She said that it feels like we are traveling in a river of uncertainty with stops at islands of certainty.