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We find inspiration and God in our ministry, mission, and even the smallest moments in our day. Here we share our stories, prayers, and reflections on everything happening in our lives.

Adorers Commission New NU President

Newman University formally inaugurated its 12th president earlier this month even though Dr. Kathleen Jagger has held the position since July 1, 2020. The coronavirus pandemic had postponed ceremonies for more than a year.

The Season of Harvest

Late summer and well into fall there is that experience of the abundance that comes with the season of harvest. Recently I have seen pictures of people sharing their harvest. Tables and chairs covered with tomatoes, peppers, and squash waiting to be shared! It is a beautiful sight, a wonderful reminder of abundance in our lives.

Be A Blessing

The “Be a Blessing Garden” project is one of those good deeds that connects an unlikely group of people. It is an opportunity created by the Adorers and the Illinois parishes of St. Patrick in Ruma, and St. John the Baptist in Red Bud. It consists of those who plant the seeds, starting the seedlings that will grow to be turnip greens, collard greens, tomatoes, and cucumbers.

Finding Support in Grief and Loss

I recently wrote in this space about grief and loss, which prompted one reader to ask for further guidance on the topic. The reader wanted to be able to share feelings of grief and loss with others, without having the conversation devolve into a communal commiseration.

Grateful, Tired, and Full of Wonder

I recently completed my last shift at Casa del Refugiado Center, and after three weeks of intense work and service in that 500-bed migrant shelter in El Paso, Texas, was able to enjoy some quiet respite time.

Setting the World on Fire

August days in the part of the world where I live are usually warm and sunny. They are the last days of summer, holding on to time, wanting just a little more rest, fun, space, and encounters with friends. 

Holy Ministry

Every weekday morning around 8:15, our sisters in skilled nursing in Wichita pray together. Later, they come together to pray the rosary.