Ask a sister

Are there any questions you wish you could ask about spirituality or religious life?

Ask away, and an ASC sister will answer!

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Example Questions

[one_third] Is there a difference between “sister” and “nun”?

Technically there is, yes! A nun is a Catholic woman religious who remains cloistered (or stays mostly behind closed doors and prays/contemplates within her community). Sisters are those Catholic religious women you see out working in the public eye. Thanks for asking!


[one_third]Do you believe there are animals in heaven?

I believe all of God’s creation is constantly being brought into God’s love and purpose, so, for me, that includes animals!


[one_third last=last] Is it hard being a sister?

Sometimes it can be, but it is the call God placed on my life. It is my vocation. I am part of a supportive community who will never leave me, who help me in my struggles, and who always watch out for me. I do work that I believe supports the revelation of God’s love. These things can be hard, sure, but they are also very rewarding.