Action of the Week

In a special way, during these weeks of summer, perhaps we can be affirm and support 4 eco-friendly efforts–using less water, plastic straws/cups, composting when possible, and buying fair trade. We might have a little time to write a thank you note to a business or an elected leader expressing our hope/appreciation for their efforts to endorse policies and practices that are ecologically sustainable.

All U.S. Senator Contacts

All U.S. Representative Contacts

Frequently Contacted:
Sen. Pat Roberts
Phone: (202) 224-4774

Sen. Jerry Moran
Phone: (202) 224-6521

Sen. Dick Durbin
Phone: (202) 224-2152

Sen. Mark Kirk
Phone: (202) 224-2854

Sen. Claire McCaskill
Phone: (202) 224-6154

Sen. Roy Blunt
Phone: (202) 224-5721

Sen. Bob Casey
Phone: (202) 224-6324

Sen. Pat Toomey
Phone: (202) 224-4254