By Sister Marcia Kruse, ASC

I am Sister Marcia Kruse, ASC and have the privilege of living in Rome for a couple of years, where I have always dreamed of working. At my community’s request, I am learning to speak and translate Italian. Rome for me has been fertile ground for writing. I have all kinds of ideas and scraps of poems and homemade psalms. Here’s one of them.


And it came to pass…in those days…

And it came

And it passed.

It did come

And then it did pass.

Things do…pass…that way.

We wait and wait

Then it comes…stays a little

And it’s gone, over, done.

A memory now, good or bad

Does it touch, move,

affect, impact, change


Does it make any difference?

Birth, death, life, injury, pardon, pain?

What do we do with it?


Build on them?

Or let them crumble in our hands?

Make something new?

Or let them suck us into the sand?