In honor of National Catholic Sisters Week, we’ve asked several Adorers to reflect on how Catholic sisters influenced their lives.

FischerLSmBy Sr. Linda Fischer, ASC

Several sisters in my life had a great influence on me and my decision to enter religious life.

The person I remember most from my early years was a Glen Riddle Franciscan by the name of Sr. Novella. My brothers and I each had Sr. Novella in fourth grade at Holy Trinity School in Columbia, Pennsylvania.

I can’t tell you one thing in particular I learned in fourth grade from her but what I will always remember is her kindness and compassion. She used to tell me that I could be in life whatever I wanted to be. That gave me such hope. In 1969, when my brother, Barry, went to South America, she wrote him faithfully every week until she could no longer do so, about 30 years.

When she retired to Assisi House in Glen Riddle, she would make a holy hour every day for those children she had in school who had entered the seminary or religious life. Sr. Novella remained in contact with Barry and me until she died about seven years ago. I was at her funeral and had the privilege of sharing what she meant to us.