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Touchy Topic Tuesday: No Charge, No Easy Solutions

by Sr. Regina Siegfried

On May 18, The St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s office released its no-charges report for the police officer who shot VonDerrit Myers, a young man in the Shaw Neighborhood, on Oct. 8, 2014.  The verdict was a natural topic for our Touchy Topics Tuesdays gathering.  We began our discussion group as a result of his death and the unrest in Shaw.  Current protests seemed more agitated outside Shaw than within the neighborhood, although small groups congregated peacefully at the site of the memorial.

Who chooses when to take down that sad,

Touchy Topics: Why Do We Meet?

By Sr. Regina Siegfried, ASC

Sometimes the topics in my Touchy Topics Tuesdays group get a little prickly, but the tone and mood has of late veered more into the pensive than the argumentative.

1383813_42612206We continue to wonder why we meet. If discussing concerns of our St. Louis neighborhood is the main focus, are we making a difference? Is gathering to drink coffee and chat an hour or two on Tuesday mornings with newly found friends keeping us together?  Can attentive listening solve the sometimes overwhelming issues of the neighborhood, city, and our society? 

Joan Range Honored at St. Louis University

Range JSr. Joan Range, ASC, who died Thursday, May 7, 2015, is being honored Friday, May 8, for co-founding the Women’s and Gender Studies Department of Saint Louis University.

Sr. Joan will receive the university’s annual Founders Award for 2015 along with Dr. Judith Gibbons, for their work in establishing the program. Women’s and Gender Studies became a department this year and in the Fall will launch a master’s degree program.

The two will be honored at a celebration of faculty and students.

Sr. Maria Hughes and Sr. Janet McCann will be present at the award celebration at Saint Louis University on May 8.

Indeed, a Little Touchy

by Sr. Regina Siegfried, ASC

915558_69460579Two Touchy Topic Tuesdays did get a tad touchy when a few members wanted some meetings devoted to discussions about faith. But what to do when some members are agnostics and atheists? At first the nonbelievers in our group said they might not attend on those Tuesdays, but after our urging – and since we need their perspectives — they agreed to continue coming to the meetings. To complicate matters, interpretations of faith, theology, and Scripture are as divergent as the people gathered around the table.

Although our conversations focus on the city of St.

Touchy Topic Tuesday: Symbols of Unity

by Sr. Regina Siegfried, ASC

Nothing galvanizes St. Louis on the Cardinals’ baseball opener like the Clydesdales hoofing their traditional lap around Busch stadium.

Those magnificent, powerful, majestic horses, beloved, iconic symbols of St. Louis, are cheered and revered.

We love something that can unify us and help us remember, even for a minute, that, at our best, we can reach beyond racial divides and find agreement about the dignity of each person, a dignity symbolized in the Clydesdales. While the horses are unique to the St. Louis area, each region has its own symbols that help us stretch beyond our divisions to find something to cheer about. 

Touchy Topic Tuesday: Hope and Futures

photo 2 (5)

by Sr. Regina Siegfried, ASC

More young black lives have been snuffed out in the midst of flowers and spring. Why?

Why is another makeshift memorial of balloons, stuffed animals, and hand-printed signs dotting the streets of my city, St. Louis?  Where is the hope and future for young people? The latest casualty is an African-American couple in their 20s, shot to death in a drive-by shooting March 30. The woman’s three children rode with them, but survived.

The answers to those questions might be beyond the racial divide and lie in helping all of us search for hope and a future for our children.

Touchy Topic Tuesdays

By Sr. Regina Siegfried, ASC

Every Tuesday, I join a dozen or so residents for coffee and conversation at a cozy, eclectic, and homey coffee shop in our Shaw neighborhood in St. Louis. We are a mix of ages, races, and genders and call ourselves the Touchy Topics Tuesday group.

Touchy Topics Tuesday group

We talk about race, prejudice, police relationships, stereotypes, discrimination and other touchy topics. We respect each others’ opinions and views and have learned to listen more deeply. We delve into topics in an honest and open manner.

Ferguson protest, photo by Miranda M CaulkinsFor weeks now,

Opinion: More Non-Violence, Fewer Guns

A version of this post was originally published as a letter to the editor in the St. Louis Post Dispatch. To read in original format, click here.

By Sr. Fran Schumer ASC

I am a member of a Catholic community of sisters who values life and non-violence. So it pains me to know of the gun violence that grips St. Louis, to learn of children and young adults caught in the crossfire of our gun madness.


How many more must die, or innocent bystanders be hurt? How many more parents must bury their 6-,

Adorers honored for commitment to social justice


The Adorers of the Blood of Christ-U.S. Region are proud to be part of the success story of the Center for Women in Transition.

Tonight, we will be honored at the Beautiful Transformations Gala 2015 for our financial contribution to this St. Louis nonprofit that was founded nearly 20 years ago to help women in the criminal justice system make a successful transition to life outside of prison or jail.

The group, started by women, for women, provides tools, support and resources to help recently incarcerated women make good choices and achieve their goals.

Sister Act: Reflections for National Catholic Sisters Week


In honor of National Catholic Sisters Week, we’ve asked several Adorers to reflect on how Catholic sisters influenced their lives.

StoverinkJ_webBy Sr. Joan Stoverink, ASC

From age 6 to the present I’ve been blessed with the influence of Catholic Sisters.

The Ursulines of Maple Mount, Kentucky and the Sisters of Loretto were my grade school teachers.  In Grade 3, I remember an experience of compassionate presence when loving arms embraced me during a frustrating lesson of learning to “borrow” in subtraction.  Patient explanations and a few more computations made the task understandable,