We join the citizens of Lancaster County in opposing the Atlantic Sunrise pipeline.

Adorers File U.S. Supreme Court Appeal & Commit to Green Energy

We are appealing our Religious Freedom and Restoration Act case to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Also, because of our long-standing commitment to the land and to our religious beliefs “to preserve and nurture creation,” we’ve begun some preliminary investigation into creating a solar farm on our land in Lancaster County, including conversations with individuals and organizations who want to help make this happen.

Judge's Decision

We are disappointed that the federal judge made the decision to condemn the rights of way and grant immediate possession of our (and others’) property in Lancaster County to the Transcontinental Pipe Line Co. for the Atlantic Sunrise gas pipeline project. We will be evaluating our next steps.


When the Adorers established a presence here in Columbia in the 1920s, working the land was part of their daily existence. The courageous and committed women on whose shoulders we stand today would not have survived were it not for the gift and the bounty of this land.

Lancaster Against Pipelines

Lancaster Against Pipelines was founded in 2014 by a group of Lancaster County residents who were unwilling to believe Williams corporation’s insistence that the Atlantic Sunrise pipeline would benefit their community.

We seek to 
  • Honor the sacredness of creation
  • Reverence Earth as a sanctuary where all life is protected
  • Treasure land as a gift of beauty and sustenance and legacy for future generations.

Our Land Ethic

Whereas, we Adorers of the Blood of Christ believe creation is a revelation of God, we proclaim that:

As Adorers, we honor the sacredness of all creation; we cultivate a mystical consciousness that connects us to the Holy in all of life.

As women, we celebrate the rhythms of creation; with Mother Earth we live the  Paschal Mystery of life, death and new life and, with others, preserve and nurture creation.

As students of Earth, we listen intently to Earth’s wisdom; we respect our interconnectedness and oneness with creation and learn what Earth needs to support life.

As prophets, we reverence Earth as a sanctuary where all life is protected; we strive to establish justice and right relationships so that all creation might thrive.

As leaders, we know our choices impact our interdependent Earth community; we initiate broad-based participation to make decisions focused on our common good.

As advocates of Earth, we choose simple lifestyles that avoid excessive or harmful use of natural resources; we work in solidarity with all creation for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

As companions with creation, we enjoy and share its bounty gently and reverently; we seek collaborators to help implement land use policies and practices that are in harmony with our bioregions and ecosystems.

As co-creators, we participate in God’s dream for Earth; we offer new visions and vistas that expand consciousness and encourage creative expression.

As ASC community, we treasure land as a gift of beauty and sustenance; we see it as a legacy for future generations.