By Sister Regina Siegfried, ASC

Our pastor sometimes refers to our parish in St. Louis as “the church of the broken toys.”  As sad as his observation may sound, it holds a lot of truth.

Touchy Topic Tuesday broken toy

Most parishes are home to the healthy as well as to the suffering, the lonely, and the lost, who can sometimes be overlooked. It’s the privilege and job of the pastor and staff to seek out the wounded and the healthy and to incorporate all more fully into the healing, teaching, and service ministry of the Risen Christ. We try to sing “All are welcomed in this place” sincerely and joyfully.

While some people might not always want to play with the broken toys, consider that those very toys could have been our most favorite at one point. We cherished and selected them first as we chose something to delight our play time.

Ignoring or discounting the wounds in the people around us is tantamount to discarding the broken toys. Rather than cast them aside into the dusty corner of a toy chest, let’s mend and revive them, and integrate them into the fullness of our parish and community lives.

Grace often grows from pain. Those broken toys harbor grace for more than themselves.


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